Basic definition of optical fiber

- Jun 08, 2017 -

The micro-optical fiber is encapsulated in a plastic sheath, allowing it to bend without breaking. Typically, the transmitter at one end of the fiber uses a light-emitting diode (light Emitting Diode, LED) or a laser beam to transmit the optical pulses to the fiber, and the receiving device at the other end of the fiber uses a photosensitive element to detect the pulses.

In daily life, optical fiber is used as a long-distance information transmission because the conduction loss of light in optical fibers is much lower than that of electrical conduction in wires.

Usually two of the terms of fiber and cable are confused. Most fibers must be covered by several layers of protective structure before they are used, and the cable that is covered is called the cable. The outer layers of the fiber cover and insulating layer can prevent the surrounding environment from damaging the fiber, such as water, fire, electric shock, etc. Fiber optic cable is divided into: cable, aramid wire, buffer layer and optical fiber. The fiber is similar to coaxial cable, except that there is no mesh shielding layer. The center is a glass core that spreads light.

In multimode fiber, the diameter of the core is 50 and the Summ. Two species, roughly equivalent to the thickness of a person's hair. and the diameter of single mode fiber core is 8tami 10, commonly used is 9 125. The outer core is surrounded by a glass envelope with a lower refractive index than the core, commonly known as cladding, which keeps the light inside the core. The outer layer is a thin plastic coat, which is coated to protect the cladding layer. Fibers are usually bunched up and outer shells are protected. The core is usually made of quartz glass with a small cross-section of concentric cylinders, which is brittle and easy to break, so it needs a protective layer.

Note: 9 125 refers to fiber core as Mus, cladding is 125, 9 125 is an important characteristic of single-mode fiber, 50 125 refers to fiber core is 50, cladding is 125, and 50 125 is an important characteristic of multimode fiber.

The BRICS fiber optic cable program, which connects directly to 5 BRIC countries, will start in early 2014 and be opened in 2015. The project has a total length of 34,000 km, of which directly connected to 5 of the BRICS countries of the submarine cable length of about 24,000 km.

2013, the world's 100G optical fiber revenue is expected to exceed $1 billion for the first time. The company analyzed the financial results of the 2013-year Global Optical network market and found some trends, including a disappointing trend, that the overall growth in the market was still difficult, and that only Japan's Fuji company's profits had grown year-round.

While the fiber-optic market is not uncommon in the first quarter, the drop is worrisome because it is the fifth consecutive quarterly decline in the market, and the quarterly income has reached a minimum of six years.

100G Optical fiber Situation is more optimistic, regardless of the chain, Year-on-year showed strong growth. Shipments of 100G fiber grew by 41% in the first quarter of 2013 compared with the four quarter of 2012, and revenues rose by 24% in the four quarter of 2012. In this calculation, the annual income is expected to exceed $1 billion for the first time. In the first quarter of 2013, 20 suppliers sold 100G optical fiber, and more manufacturers will join the market competition. Suppliers are cautious and optimistic, short-term order volume bullish, long-term order volume is not optimistic.

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