How to inspect the quality of coaxial cable

- Jun 08, 2017 -

1. Check the degree of insulation medium

The cross-section of the standard coaxial cable is rounded, and the outer conductor and aluminum of the cable are affixed to the outer surface of the insulating medium. The outer surface of the medium is more rounded, the smaller the gap between the aluminum foil and its appearance is, the larger the gap is. Practice has proved that the smaller the gap, the better the performance of the cable, in addition, the large gap air easily penetrated the shielding layer and affect the service life of the cable.

2. Measurement of coaxial cable insulation media consistency

The dielectric diameter fluctuation of coaxial cable mainly affects the echo coefficient of cables, which can be used to cut out the insulating medium of a cable, and carefully check the outside diameter of each point with micrometer to see if it is consistent.

3. The weaving network of coaxial cable

The textile network cable of coaxial cable plays an important role in shielding performance of coaxial cable, and it is the back route of power supply in the centralized power supply cable TV line, so the quality inspection of the coaxial cable must inspect the textile network closely, and the method is to open the outer sheath of the coaxial cable. Cut a small section coaxial cable weaving network, the number of woven network identification, if and the value of the index to be qualified, in addition to a single textile network line with a spiral micrometer measurement, at the same price, the thicker the diameter of the better.

4. Check the quality of aluminum foil

The important shielding role of the coaxial cable is aluminum foil, which plays an important role in preventing the interference of external open circuit signal and the confusion of CATV signal, so the quality of the aluminum foil should be inspected in the new coaxial electrical decree. First, open the sheath layer, observe whether the braided cable and aluminum foil layer surface to maintain a good gloss, followed by a cable, tightly around the metal small shaft, pull straight to reverse repeated several times, and then cut off the cable sheath layer to watch the aluminum foil has broken phenomenon, can also be a small section of aluminum foil in the hands repeatedly rubbed and stretched, after repeated rubbing and stretching is still not broken, with a certain toughness of the qualified products, otherwise defective.

5. The squeeze tightness of the outer layer

High-quality coaxial cable protection layer is very tight, so as to reduce the gap within the shielding layer, to prevent the air into the oxidation, to prevent the relative sliding of the shielding layer caused by electrical performance drift, but the squeeze too tight will cause inconvenience, increase construction difficulty. Check method is to take 1m long cable, at the end of the protection layer, to force can not pull out the core as appropriate.

6. Check the cable shape

The cable circle is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a quality problem. The cable into a circle, each cable maintained in the same concentric plane, the cable and cable into an arc parallel to the overall contact, can reduce the cable mutual force, stacking is not easy to deformation damage, so in the acceptance of cable quality should not be taken lightly.

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