Introduction of Optical Splitter

- Jun 08, 2017 -


The optical splitter is part of the passive component (also known as the reactive element) in the optical transmission, and the optical network system, like the coaxial cable transmission system, needs to be coupled, branched, and allocated by optical signal, which requires optical splitter to realize it is one of the most important passive devices in optical fiber link, and it is a fiber optic sink device with multiple input and multiple outputs (usually an input in CATV system), which plays an important role in optical transmission, and it is necessary to plan and allocate optical fiber network. The choice of optical splitter is particularly important.

Principle of light separation

Optical splitter is actually the fiber coupler, also known as the bifurcation, the principle is to change the fiber between the fading field coupling (coupling degree, coupling length) and change the radius of light to achieve different size of the branch.

Production method

The production method has the sintering type, micro-optical, optical waveguide, the majority of sintering production methods, including fused-cone optical fiber coupler making method simple, inexpensive, easy to connect with the external optical fiber as a whole, and can withstand mechanical vibration and temperature changes, has become a mainstream manufacturing technology. Melt-Pull cone method is two or more to eradicate the coating layer of fiber in a certain way, melting at high temperature, at the same time to the two sides stretching, finally, a special waveguide structure is formed in the heating zone, and by controlling the angle of the optical fiber twist and the length of the stretching, the different proportion of light can be obtained, and finally, the curing glue is solidified on the quartz substrate by inserting the stainless copper tube into the cone area, which is the optical splitter.

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