Multiplexer For CATV Front-end Equipment

Multiplexer For CATV Front-end Equipment

CATV Multiplexer IP to ASI Converter DVB-C DVB-T DVB-S OPT5107X tuner input multiplexer is an enhanced TS re-multiplexer for digital TV broadcasting head-end system. The multiplexer has all the functions of normal TS multiplexer, including programs multiplexing, PSI/SI editing, PID re-mapping,...

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CATV Multiplexer IP to ASI Converter


We also offer multiplexer for different ports, please send inquiries to get to know more! 

Different from normal multiplexer, this multiplexer has 2 ASI inputs, supports 6 tuner inputs (DVB/C/S/S2/T) optional, two separate ASI output ports and one DATA port for two separate megabit IP outputs. In other words, It can multiplex the RF signals from satellite into the output ports via the 6 tuners, also it can multiplex up to 2 channels ASI input MPTS into the output transport stream (MPTS). Therein, the bit rate of output stream can be up to 216Mbps. For the application area, this device is especially applicable to the FTA (Free to Air) system multiplexing.


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