FTTH 4/8 PORTS EPON OLT Optical Line Terminal

FTTH 4/8 PORTS EPON OLT Optical Line Terminal

R2600D8 provides 4GE(copper) and 8 or 4 SFP slots and 4 SFP+independent interface for uplink, and 16*EPON OLT ports for downstream.

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Product Details

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1. Introduction:

  •  R2600D8 EPON OLT products is 1U height 19 inch rack mount product.

  •  The features of the OLT are small, convenient, flexible, easy to deploy, high performance.

  • FTTH EPON OLT Mini 16 PON 8PON 4PON Port 1U 19' Rack Mount EPON OLT Price In India

  • It is appropriate to be deployed in compact room environment.The OLTs can be used for “Triple-Play”,VPN, IP Camera, Enterprise LAN and ICT applications.

  • R2600D8 provides 4GE(copper) and 8 or 4 SFP slots and 4 SFP+independent interface for uplink, and 16*EPON OLT ports for downstream.

  • It can support 1024 ONUs under 1:64 splitter ratio.

2. Features:


Carrier-class stability and network resiliency:

  • Adopt large-scale NGB operation system with intellectual property rights in the global carrier network

  • Support PON fiber redundancy protection and device redundancy protection protocol

  • Support rich security features to protect the users, devices and network.

  • Dual power supply input and power redundancy 

  • All PON and GE ports provide L2/L3 full-line speed without losing packets

Full PON service:


  • Each PON support 1:64 splitting ratio ( The maximum quantity of 64 ONU)

  • Hot plug PON fibber module design, the farthest 20Km transmission distance

  • Support 128 bits triple churning function to ensure the confidential for the data transmission

  • Support dynamic bandwidth distribution DBA algorithm

Powerful OAM:


  • Use packet forwarding based on hardwareto be effective for feature detection and packet filtering

  • Support auto protection and user blocking for ARP attack based on MAC address

  • Support all kinds of protecting DDoS, CPU over-current and VRRP etc

  • Support BFD, FlexLink, auto linkage aggregation and Ethernet Ring protectio

3. Technical paremeter:





 1U 19 inch standard box



 Uplink Port





 4*10/100/1000M auto-negotiation


 8*SFP Or 4*SFP and 4*SFP+ slots (SFP+ is 10GE port

 EPON Port



 Physical  Interface

 SFP Slots

Connector Type


 Max splitting  ratio


 Management Ports

 1*10/100BASE-T out-band port, 1*CONSOLE port

PON Port Specification

 Transmission  Distance


 EPON port  speed

 Symmetrical 1.25Gbps


 TX 1490nm, RX 1310nm



 Fiber Type

 9/125μm SMF

 TX Power


 Rx Sensitivity


 Saturation  Optical Power


 Management Mode

 SNMP, Telnet and CLI

 Management Function

 Fan Group Detecting;
 Port Status monitoring and configuration management;
 Layer2 switch configuration such as VLAN,  Trunk,RSTP,IGMP,QOS, etc;
 EPON management function: DBA,ONU authorization,  ACL,QOS,etc;
 Online ONU configuration and management;
 User management;
 Alarm management.

 Layer2 Switch

 Support port VLAN and protocol VLAN;
 Support 4096 VLANs;
 Support VLAN tag/Un-tag ,VLAN transparent transmission, QinQ;
 Support IEEE802.3d trunk;
 Support RSTP;
 QOS based on port,VID,TOS and MAC address;
 IGMP Snooping;
 IEEE802.x flow control;
 Port stability statistic and monitoring.

 Layer 3Route

 1024 Host Routes;
 512 Subnet Routes;
 256 IP Multicast Groups;

 EPON Function

 Support port-based rate limitation and bandwidth control;
 In compliant with IEEE802.3ah standard;
 Up to 20KM transmission Distance;
 Support data encryption, multi-cast, port VLAN,  separation,RSTP,etc;
 Support Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA);
 Support ONU auto-discovery/link detection/remote upgrade of  software;
 Support VLAN division and user separation to avoid broadcast  storm;
 Support various LLID configuration and single LLID configuration;  Different user and different service could provide different QoS  by means of different LLID channels;
 Support power-off alarm function,easy for link problem  detection;
 Support broadcasting storm resistance function;
 Support port isolation between different ports;
 Support ACL and SNMP to configure data packet filter flexibly;
 Specialized design for system breakdown prevention to maintain  stable system;
 Support dynamic distance calculation on EMS online;
 Support RSTP,IGMP Proxy.





 Power Supply


 AC:90~264V, 47/63Hz

 Power Consumption


 Operating Environment

 Working  Temperature


 Storage  Temperature


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