Analysis Of Common Malfunction Of Encoder

- Jun 07, 2017 -

1. Encoder itself failure: refers to the encoder itself components failure, resulting in its inability to produce and output the correct waveform. In this case, you need to replace the encoder or repair its internal devices.

2. Encoder Connection Cable failure: The probability of this failure is highest, often encountered in maintenance, should be a priority factor. The cable or connector should be replaced when the encoder cable is usually open, short circuit or bad contact. Special attention should also be given to whether or not the cable is not tight, resulting in a loosening of the open welding or circuit, then the need to tighten the cable.

3. Encoder v power supply descent: refers to the V power supply is too low, usually not less than 4.75V, the cause of low power supply failure or power transmission cable resistance caused by large losses, the need to overhaul the power supply or replace the cable.

4. Absolute Encoder battery voltage drop: This fault usually has a clear meaning of the alarm, then the need to replace the battery, if the reference point location memory loss, but also to carry out the reference point operation.

5. Encoder cable is not connected or falling off: this will introduce interference signal, so that waveform instability, affect the accuracy of communication, must ensure that the shielding line reliable welding and grounding.

6. The encoder installation is loose: This kind of fault will affect the position control precision, cause the stop and move the position deviation quantity to be extremely bad, even just once the power generation servo system overload alarm, please pay special attention.

7. Grating pollution This will reduce the output range of the signal, must be soaked with absorbent cotton water alcohol gently wipe the oil.

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