Classification And Function Of TV Modulator

- Jun 07, 2017 -


The main function of TV modulator is to signal source (can be digital TV set-top box, medium 9 Dual-mode satellite STB, Telecom IPTV set-top box, DVD or VCD machine, computer, surveillance camera, TV demodulator and other AV signal sources) to provide video signals (videos) and audio signals (audio) modulated into a stable high-frequency RF oscillation signal, the video is modulated modulation mode, audio frequency modulation mode.


TV modulator can be divided into I digital modulator, RF modulator; RF modulator according to different classification criteria can be divided into: according to frequency interval to divide: o-frequency modulator, frequency modulation device, according to frequency: low-frequency modulator, high-frequency modulator; According to frequency can be divided into: Agile frequency modulator, fixed frequency modulator from the current use of the industry, the modulator is the current quality cost-effective a.

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