How To Choose A Satellite TV Receiver

- Jun 07, 2017 -

The purchase of digital satellite receivers, in addition to the usual attention factors, such as technical indicators, shape, quality,

Price and after-sale service, the following issues should be considered carefully:

(1) Select the low threshold value, in order to ensure that the weak signal, small aperture antenna reception, in a high-frequency head for double star reception or multiple high-frequency head with a pair of antenna reception conditions to obtain satisfactory results.

(2) has the PID code to add the setting, at least has the PID code to modify the way, can guarantee the successful program of the programming PID code.

(3) Select the diseqc™ switch, in order to ensure that the one-machine multiple-star reception to play an excellent level.

(4) Select the interface complete, such as two AV output, s terminal, RS-232 and so on, can adapt to different needs, and lay the foundation for the upgrade.

(5) Select the channel enough, such as more than 250, to expand the content of the program.

(6) The selected card reader device is conducive to the omni-directional search of satellite locations, looking for different satellite TV programs.

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