The Definition Of Optical Fiber Splitter And Optical Fiber Splitter And The Difference Between Them?

- May 15, 2018 -

Optical fiber splitters are optical splitters, both of which are the same thing, but different ways of calling.

1. optical fiber splitter is used to realize the shunting and combination of light wave energy. It distribues light energy in an optical fiber to two or more fibers in a given proportion, or the light energy transmitted from multiple fibers into a fiber.

2. optical splitter can be divided into FUSED FIBER SPLITTER / FBT SPLITTER and PLC (SPLITTER) according to the light splitting principle.

3. optical splitter, also known as splitter, is one of the most important passive devices in optical fiber links. It is an optical fiber tandem device with multiple inputs and multiple outputs. Optical splitters can be divided into two types: fused tapered and planar waveguide type (PLC type) according to the principle of light splitting.

4. light divider can be divided into two types of fused taper and planar waveguide according to the principle of light separation. The fused taper method is to take two (or two or more) fibers to remove the coated layer by a certain method of melting, at the same time stretching to both sides, and finally forming a special waveguide structure with a double cone form in the heating area. By controlling the twist angle and stretching length of the optical fiber, different splitting ratios can be obtained. Finally, the tapered zone is solidified onto the quartz substrate by solidifying glue and inserted into the stainless copper pipe. This is the optical splitter. Because the thermal expansion coefficient of the cured adhesive is not consistent with that of the quartz substrate and the stainless steel tube, the degree of thermal expansion and contraction in the environment temperature change is not consistent. This is easy to cause the damage of the light divider, especially the light separation in the field, which is also the main reason for the light separation easily damaged. For more roads, the splitter production can be made up of multiple two divider.

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