We Are Optictimes: The Trip To Huangshan Mountain

- Aug 01, 2018 -

For seven years we have been working together, trying our best to bring the most excellent service to clients and to make Optictimes even greater. To award the hard work in the last year, we organized a trip to Huangshan Mountain.



We started off from Hangzhou at 8:30 on 28th in a good mood. After the three-hour journey, when arriving at the foot of Huangshan Mountain, we decided to settle for a night and go rafting in the afternoon. It was very fun to experience rafting! Five teams were quickly set up, each with two members on one raft. Everyone was paddling and having fun pouring water on others. It was a hilarious scene where people were having an adrenaline rush and wet all over. In the night, we walked down the famous Ancient Street and sang karaoke together.



On the second day, we got up early and prepared to climb. The climb was not too exhausted considering there was cable cars and the road was not steep. We went to visit the Convincing Peak, the Lion Peak, the Monkey Gazing at the Sea and the Baiyun Valley. Witnessing the marvellous scenery, grotesque rocks and odd-gestured pines, everyone was amazed.



The third day was the most difficult, for that we were to conquer the highest peaks. We went to the Bright Summit and saw how beautiful the Guest-Greeting Pine was. Then we began to conquer Tiandu Peak, the most precipitous peak of Huangshan Mountain. The journey was tough, especially when we climbed up to around 1800m, the thunder and the storm came. Down the ridge, it was cloud gathering blocking the sight; above the head, the lightning flashed and the thunder stroke. We lined through the most dangerous area and looked after each other to finally come to a safe place.



This annual trip has taught us the importance of cooperation and cohesion. Without cooperation, we would never be able to come over all the difficulties and make this journey memorable. Only when we have the same goal can we be productive. In our future work, we have to bear this in mind and enhance our ability to communicate and cooperate.

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