What Are CATV Front-end Hardware Equipments

- Sep 20, 2018 -

CATV Front-end Hardware Equipments

1. Encoder: It is used to receive the local program of the operator. The specific model of the encoder needs to be determined according to the needs of the operator, such as what compression algorithm or encoder of the input interface is needed. The configuration of the encoder will vary depending on the requirements.

2. Satellite Receiver: It is used to receive the digital signal transmitted by the satellite. Generally, the encrypted signal transmitted from the satellite needs to be decrypted by the satellite receiver with decryption function, and the unencrypted satellite program can be used by the general satellite receiver. receive.

3. Multiplexer: It is used to multiplex multiple ASI outputs into one ASI output to QAM. Its main function is to ensure that the effective code rate of each QAM frequency output is as close as possible to the maximum transmission bandwidth to avoid wasting frequency resources. The phenomenon appears.

4. Scrambler: When the local operator receives the unencrypted signal, it hopes that the encryption and decryption will be transmitted to the user's home after being encrypted by the front end to achieve the control effect on the end user. In this case, you need to use the scrambling device. However, relying solely on the scrambler does not fully control the end user. It needs to be done by cooperation with the CAS conditional access system. The specific scrambling encryption process will be elaborated later.

5. Modulator: Mainly to convert the signal format, convert the input of ASI signal into RF RF signal output.


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