What Is A Digital Front End Device?

- Oct 27, 2017 -

The front end system of digital broadcast television can be divided into four parts: the source part, the processing part, the transmission part and the management part. 

1, the source part. Mainly used to produce various television programs and data information from sources including satellite, telecommunications and the Internet, receiving the self-made program, the main equipments include digital satellite receiver, video server, MPEG-2 encoder, program editing workstation, information server, information editing workstation. 

2, processing part. Mainly is the processing of digital signals, providing additional services through these treatment systems with diversity and flexibility, and the radio and television operators can easily control a variety of equipment, including transport stream processor, transport stream multiplexer, conditional access system. 

3, transmission part. Mainly for channel coding modulation, for different transmission media using different modulation methods, such as QAM, QPSK and other modulation methods. 

4, management part. It is the key to control the complexity of digital front end, and to meet the basic requirements of network operation, such as error management, configuration management, performance management, security management and user management.

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